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About RentalSaaS

RentalSaaS is a beautiful Rental Management System designed to make life easy for you and your business. RentalSaaS is an add-on to your accounting system, wrap up accounting system with the web base system, therefore requires base data to be available in your accounting system such as Inventory, Suppliers, Customers, GL Account codes, Tax codes, etc. It allows users to do the booking, transactions and generate reports to get exact status of the business. .......

System Features

Cloud-based Platform
Simple Tracking
Easy Billing
Accounting System
Quick Calculation

Technology Used


It is a lightweight, highly testable presentation framework that couples the models, views and controllers allowing each component to be tested independently.

IIS 8.5

It provides a secure, easy-to-manage, modular and extensible platform for reliably hosting websites, services and applications.

Windows Server 2012 R2

It enables high-performance and supports high-scale workload and infrastructure innovation across storage, identity, networking and virtualization.

Visual Studio 2012

It is fast and powerful development environment that consolidates all tasks involved in a software development project into one tool.

Entity framework 6.0

It is an object-relational mapping framework that enables developers to work with relational data using domain-specific objects without having to write code to access data from a database.

Microsoft Visio 2013

It is best office tool in the market that is mainly designed for drawing diagrams.

CRUD Repository

It is generic repository class that can be used to Create, Read, Update and Delete operations using EF to enable the automatic generation of optimized queries against the SQL Server.

Web API controller

Web API is an ideal platform for building pure HTTP based services where the request and response happens with HTTP protocol.

Microsoft SQL Server 2017

It is a powerful data management system that delivers a rich and reliable data store for lightweight Web Sites and desktop applications.

Client Feedback

"We have several enterprises that use the Xero Accounting system, so we were looking for a rental package that integrates seamlessly with Xero and RentalSaas ticked all the boxes. Being cloud based we are not constrained by the Hardware limitations and or the never ending task of updates , backups etc. I have no hesitation in recommending RentalSaas system as a good robust Hire "

"'Rental SaaS' (as we've been calling the program) has enabled us to replace four systems with one. The recent introduction of bulk item capability has opened the door for us & its integration is constantly being improved. The recurring acknowledgements (above) of superior customer service and willingness to listen to (and act on) feedback truly sets this add-on apart from others. The program is excellent now, and will go from strength to strength as they roll out new & improved features."

"Hire Management software is an excellent management tool for managing items should you hire items out to your clients. Having integration into Xero is just perfect. With the recent addition of updated inventory management it is a simple cost effective program for your business. Using Hire Management makes for rental transactions and now inventory management makes Xero function like it should, nicely in the background. Hire Management has certainly helped me to keep track of items I hire in my sleep apnoea business!"

RentalSaaS Features

Cloud-based Platform

Access your rental from anywhere using PCs or Macs or tablet devices.

Easy to use interface

The easy-to-use interface makes every task simple and intuitive.

Reliability and security

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is used for Data Security.


Fast and easy way to manage your cash flow.

XERO / QuickBook

Seamlessly integrates with Xero for financials.

Castle Windsor

An implementation of dependency injection using Castle Windsor.

RentalSaaS Portfolio

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